About “Dogfriend”

Der Internationale Verein Dogfriend (IVDF) is an international not-for-profit organization that unites dog owners, dog trainers, animal behaviourists who adhere to principles of The New Cynology.

The organization was established on 6 December 2011 in Vienna (Austria). It has been registered under the name Der Internationale Verein Dogfriend and registration number (ZVR-Zahl) 772890723.

Today, the IVDF brings people together from Austria, Germany, Latvia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia.

Founder members

Olga Kajarskaia, animal behaviorist, publisher, Austria

After graduation, first in economics, then in multimedia development, I've decided to follow the dictates of my heart. So in 2006 my career changed dramatically, when I graduated from the swiss Akademie für Tiernaturheilkunde (ATN) in Zürich, department of dog psychology. Later on, after leaving for Austria, a whole new world opened up for me, namely, Turid Rugaas school of dog training. Not very well known in Austria back then, the school (I think of it as school of thought, now represented by The PDTE organization), had been giving voice to ideas, that were (and still are) in almost the perfect agreement with my own ideas about dogs.

I've been studying works of the school (and not just) through the books, seminars, workshops, lectures for many years. Luckily, with its centers for dog cognition research and well-developed dog training scene, Vienna provides excellent opportunities for education.

Having borne in mind a lack of high quality books in Russia, my homeland, I have decided to share what I've learnt by publishing most important books on dog behavior in russian language. In addition, I was attracted by the idea of book publishing, as it carries on what I have been doing back in 1999 — educating people on how to make animl welfare more efficient.

Vitaly Samigullin, translator, developer, Austria

A translator, software developer who has a lively interest in the wildlife and animal behavior.

History of Organization

The IVDF is based upon an international animal welfare initiative “Dogfriend” and publishing company Verlag Dogfriend Publishers.

“Dogfriend” has always been aware of its mission to bring together animal welfare acivists from many countries. Since 1999, “Dogfriend” has helped stray, abandoned and abused dogs at the shelters in Russia, Spain, Germany and Austria.

The web portal “Dogfriend” was amongst the first in Russia to cover important topics in animal welfare: animal husbandry, fur farming, meat industry, cosmetic industry, animals for entertainment, animal research. The portal was created with the information support of “Tierhilfswerk Deutschland”, “Tierschutzbund”, “PETA-Deutschland”, “Vier Pfoten-Austria”, “VGT” (Austria), “Vita” (Russia).

For years “Dogfriend” has helped immigrants to move to Germany with their pets, has asisted german families with the adoption of russian homeless animals.

“Dogfriend” has also helped russian activists to launch the first local animal shelters and to establish the activist network across the country. At the request of our colleagues, “Dogfriend” has many times petitioned russian authorities to help animal rescue groups, appealing to the experience of western countries.

The documentary production was amongst the Dogfriend's most important achievements. 11 short films by VGT eV (Austria) were dubbed into Russian. Funded and distributed solely by the Dogfriend, the films have spread across the country, primarily among the youth. Later on, having been ethusiastically received by journalists, the films have been repeatedly show on Russian TV and festivals.

On 2 September 2008 in Vienna (Austria), based upon the animal welfare initiative “Dogfriend”, the publishing house Verlag Dogfriend Publishers was founded. The goal of the company is to publish books by world's leading experts, who had paved the way for the cynology, based on the current biology — the New Cynology.

Modern science has laid a foundation for dog-human relationships to flourish. It provides a solid evidence-based foundation for natural conflict-free relationship between a humand and a dog; provides a basis for the proper assessment of dog behavior; points out mistakes that could lead to serious problems; opens a door to effecient non-violent training methods.

Since unethical dog training methods are still widely used throughout Russian-speaking countries, Dogfriend's books have triggered an explosion. In order to introduce the brand new approach to living and working with dogs, we had to launch a counselling service for dog owners and trainers, start up an educational website and build up a loyal clientele.

There is now a great demand for high quality information. To fulfill it Dogfriend publishes articles, electronic booklets on its website, through the mailing list as well as through the mass media (“Dog World” magazine, BBC Russian service, russian television).

Creating the new culture of living with dogs is under way not only in the ex-USSR countries, but also in Europe. Professional contacts gained during these years, have made it possible for Dogfriend to extend its international presence. In 2009 a center for dog trainer and dog owner education was launched. Since then, Dogfriend Center have been operating in Austria and Russia, inviting experts on The New Cynology from all over Europe.

Having been involved in the international process of creating a new culture for years, Dogfriend was lead to the next step — the international organization Dogfriend (Der Internationale Verein Dogfriend, IVDF). In 2011, for promotional purposes, the concept “New Cynology” was introduced as a system that brings together most important theoretical knowledge along with its practical application.

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