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Who are we?

Der Internationale Verein Dogfriend (IVDF) is an international non-profit organization for those who live and work with dogs adhering to principles of The New Cynology.

Established in Vienna (Austria), today, the IVDF brings together people from Austria, Germany, Latvia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia.

What is “The New Cynology”?

The New Cynology is a term coined by IVDF's founder member Olga Kajarskaia. The New Cynology is the very forefront of cynology (study of matters related to dogs). Based upon modern biological and psychological sciences, The New Cynology pulls together many achivements in behavioral sciences concerning:

But The New Cynology is not merely a digest of today's scientific facts. It's a system that embraces the whole field of the dog-human relationships and empowers people to fully abandon any form of animal abuse (cruelty, coercion, intimidation), any form of unethical treatment in their everyday life and work with dogs.

What are we aimimg for?

In many countries an eventual cynological concept is still not finished: knowledge increases gradually, spreads unevenly, and sometimes meets resistance. In order to create new culture of living and working with dogs, bright and well-educated people are needed. Teaming up, education and support of such people is the primary goal of the IVDF.

What we do?

Although established only just at the end of 2011, the IVDF has been preceded by many related projects: website for animal welfare “Dogfriend” (1999), publishing house Verlag Dogfriend Publishers (2008), school for dog owners and dog trainers Dogfriend Center (2009) and some others. Today as the IVDF we join forces to work in the following fields:

Spreading the word

The IVDF opens the door to modern knowledge on dog behavior along with hands-on experience of dog training — by means of books, seminars, workshops and international networking. Amongst other current projects the IVDF is working on:

  • publishing articles, pamphlets and books on The New Cynology for dog owners, dog trainers and animal welfare activists
  • exchange of professional literature in foreign languages
  • en electronic collaborative encyclopedia (wiki-based) about dogs
  • a web forum with special networking features for the IVDF members
  • arranging meetings, seminars, workshops and educational cources:
    • open seminars with no or reduced application fees for the IVDF members
    • closed meetings and seminars for the IVDF members
    • dog trainer education by world's leading experts

The IVDF gives assistance to dog owners and animal welfare activists in the form of:

  • animal behaviorist consultations
  • information on how to make an informed decision when hiring a local dog trainer, a vet or an animal behaviorist.
  • information support and financing of modern dog schools and animal shelters

The New Cynology is based upon an understanding of animal communication (including interspecific such as dog-human), an insight into dog's needs and social life. The New Cynology is all about communication and cooperation, which are the very tools that enable us to reduce the necessity of training to the minimum. Let alone to refuse using any kind of unethical, coercive methods. The New Cynology considers a dog and a human being as equal partners, so that it leaves no room for cruelty, coercion, fanciness or commercialism in every aspect of the dog-human relationships. It makes The New Cynology unacceptable for those “pros” who make a living by practising cruel, unethical training methods.

The International Organization Dogfriend (IVDF) sides with people dared to stand up to those who are well behind the times. We support people who fight against old-school training methods (something we prefer to go by the name of “drill”), providing dog owners with information and up-to-date training methods.


Unethical treatment and unethical goods for dogs often go hand in hand. Most of these goods are unethical by design (prong collars, electronic collars, choke chains, headcollars etc.) Other are not dog-friendly due to lack of empathy and understanding (prefume, sunglasses for dogs, retractable leashes, etc.)

The IVDF helps dog owners to find truly dog-friendly goods designed by truly insightful, empathetic people (adjustable soft harnesses, well-fitted flat collars, comfortable clothes).

Get Involved

Our members include people around the world. We are:

Dog trainers
who not only refuse to practise any unethical training methods, but who also know that working with dogs is more than “positive training”.
Animal welfare activists
who have prefered studying modern ethology to emotive, attention-seeking campaigns, and thus have made an important contribution to intelligent way of protecting animals.
Animal behavior consultants
who constantly update their knowledge and master their skills.
Dog owners
who would like to deepen their understanding of dogs.

All members of the IVDF are people who take active stepts to promote principles of The New Cynology and create new culture of living and working with dogs. Looking for people of the highest calibre, we are very selective about new memebers. Quality is what really matters. Membership in the IVDF is open to those open-minded enthusiasts who are committed to help people and dogs and ready to pay annual dues. Membership fee of 25 EUR is not refundable or transferable.

In order to become a member, please fill out an application form and send it to the address indicated (either email for the scanned forms or postal address for the hard copies).

It's not necessary to be a member to help the IVDF. By spreading the word about the organization and donating you can help to strengthen our work and widen our reach.

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