Membership and support

Who are the members?

The members of the IVDF are dog people who do their best studying and promoting the New Cynology as the most adequate forward-looking way of living and working with dogs.

How to become a member?


In order to become a member of the IVDF, you need, first, to mail us a CV and an essay on living and working with dogs at

Secondly, you need to fill out an application form and send it to the postal address indicated in the form. Alternatively, you can mail us a scanned copy of the form.

The IVDF Board votes on new members. You will be fully accepted as a member, only when an approval is received from the IVDF Board and membership fee is paid.

There are three kinds of members:

  1. regular members
  2. honorary members
  3. board members

In accordance with the mission statement (Download german version) of the IVDF, regular members are required to pay an annual membership fee. The membership fee for 2013 is EUR 25, USD 32 or RUB 1000. The fee is due after the approval of membership application.

Support by non-members


In order to operate the IVDF needs not only scientific data, but also data collected by dog owners and experts. Photographs, video, accounts concerning dog behavior are always welcome.

Your opinions matter to us. So both the members and non-members are invited to praticipate in surveys and polls.

The New Cynology is a system, a comprehensive knowledge base. Nonetheless, some questions may not have been covered yet. We encourage you to submit your questions to be answered.

Spreading the word

Spreading the message is also very important. Tell your friends about the new ethical way of living and working with dogs. Help us reach out to like-minded dog people and those who are still uncertain. We do our best to provide you with the most high quality, up-to-date information on The New Cynology.


As any other non-profit organization, we rely on your generous donations. All donations are spent on our projects. Without the support of our friends we could not continue to help dogs and their people.

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