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The IVDF aims to present The New Cynology as a system that embraces the whole field of dog-human relationship. This mission would be impossible if The New Cynology were described in isolation from the modern life sciences.

Dog behavior, dog's life in a human family, dog's incentives to work are determined by natural laws. Understanding of these laws is the only way to avoid bias and prejudice, which could be the cause of problems even in harmonious families. Our wiki-based encyclopedia to come is intended for the benefit of anyone who wish to learn natural laws related to dog behavior.

Networking tools

The organization facilitates networking and the sharing of information between its members. Although an electronic mailing list with some 2000 subscribers operates for non-members, the following networking tools for the IVDF members are the items on the agenda:

Seminars and workshops

We arrange two kinds of seminars and workshops:

Dog trainer education

Many dog owners truly love their dogs and would like to work with dogs professionally. “Dogfriend» provides opportunities:

Dog owner support

For a dog-human relationship to thrive, we need to know how dogs perceive the world around them. We have also got to make sure that our demands match dog's natural abilities and needs. This is an essential prerequisite for a dog-human social bond to form.

In theory, dog trainers, dog psychologists (behaviourists) and some other dog specialists are to be those who facilitate the imrovement of the social bond between a dog and an owner. But in reality, lack of current information, shift in motivation (toward for-profit incentives), make such specialists at best less helpful. In this case the owner is often told to focus on obedience. So the relationships degrade to obedience drill. Moreover, an incompetent trainer can misguide the dog owner, which may lead to a disaster (psychological damages and physical injuries). For these reasons:

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